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Wind and Storm Damage in Longview

Living in East Texas isn’t easy. Whether it’s storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, or thick blizzards, you never know when your house may be damaged. High winds, torrential rains, and snowball size hailstorms can wreak havoc on any roof. So when your house is the next one to get hit, call the roofing pros at Longview Tx. Inc. We specialize in residential and commercial roof repair for property owners in Longview and across East Texas.

​How To Spot Hail Storm Damage

​It’s not always to tell if your house has sustained hail damage. This is particularly the case with old roofs where the roofing material is worn. There are some reliable indicators, however, that hail has caused damage to your roof. There are three items to look for:

Damage to the Metal – Inspect the flashing, roof vents, gutters, and other areas where metal is present.

Top of The Roof – If you look along the ridge of the roof you may notice direct hits from hail. From there you’ll inspect the shingles or other roofing material.

Additional Damage – Look for dents, pits, cracking, and bruises over the entire roof. They may or not be the size of the hail, so don’t trust a given diameter. Look for visible signs.

Wind Damage

In some ways, wind damage leaves a trace that is far more noticeable than hail storm damage. The extent of wind damage, however, can be long-term as individual components of your roof are weakened, but not necessarily damaged. Immediate damage is easy to spot and is usually widespread. Here are some signs.

Missing shingles

  • Bruises or dented asphalt shingles
  • Cracked or broken tile, slate, or concrete shingles
  • Granules collecting in gutters or downspouts
  • Leaks in your roof or ceiling
  • Dents on vents, gutters or flashing

Keep in mind, wind can cause the same type of damage as hail. The difference is, it doesn’t necessarily leave bruises or clearly defined dents.

​Insurance Claims

​Be sure to check out the insurance guide on our website. It’s important to file an insurance claim before officially hiring a roofing contractor. All paperwork and proper procedures have to be completed before construction begins. This is a process that may take a few days. It is strongly recommended, however, that you contact a roofing company to perform an initial inspection of your home. This gives you leverage and credibility when dealing with the insurance adjuster. Make sure the contractor is the first person to see your roof.

Wind and Hail Roof Repair

Once an insurance claim has been processed and your insurance company approves, that’s where we come in. Working closely with both you the property owner and the insurance company, we can repair your roof and get it back in excellent condition. Unless your roof has substantial structural wind damage, most repairs can be performed in a short period without spending a lot of money on roofing materials and labor.

At Roofing Longview Tx. Inc. we have decades of experience helping home and business owner restore the roofs and get them to looking great again. Regardless of how much damage you roof has sustained, we can repair it no time at all. Contact us when you need help with your residential or commercial roof repair.