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​Roofing Repair in Longview

​Roofing repairs can be a hassle. But you don’t have to go it alone. In Longview, Texas, home and business owners turn to Longview TX, Inc. for all their roofing repairs. We provide comprehensive repair service that covers all issues and all areas of your roof. Regardless of how small or large your roof damage is, we can restore your roof back to new in no time at all. We are Texas licensed and certified in both residential and commercial roofing repair.

​We Repair All Residential Roof Types

Every residential roof is different and requires personalized attention. It’s important to hire a roofing contractor who has experience with a variety of roofs. This allows them to perform the work in any situation effectively. We handle all types of residential roofing material. This includes:

• Asphalt Shingles
• Metal Roofs
• Wood Shingle Shakes
• Tile and Concrete Tile
• Flat Roofs

​Don’t Wait To Have Your Roof Repaired

In 2016 alone, homeowners have spent an average of $150 – $2200 on roof repairs. Do you want to stay on the low end? Then don’t wait to have your roof repaired. Roofs are like cars. The problems don’t go away; they just get worse. And as your roof steadily declines, the cost to repair it skyrockets.

​Chances are, the small issues on your roof right now are more affordable than you think. They can be handled relatively quickly with no hassle. Contact a Longview TX, Inc. roofer today, and let us help you with those small repairs before they turn into significant headaches. You’ll be glad you did.

​Commercial Roof Repair For Your Longview Business

As a business owner, you take pride in every aspect of your company. This includes the condition of your building’s structure. How well your roof functions and how well it looks is core to your business image.

• We repair all roofing types for commercial businesses. This includes:
• Modified Bitumen
• BUR (Built Up Roofing
• Rubberized Roofing
​At Roofing Longview TX, Inc. we make roofing repair easier than ever. We work around your business schedule and perform the job with as little intrusion as ever so that you can focus on running your business day to day.

​Are You Experiencing Leaks?
When leaks occur, the results can be disastrous. Consequently, most home or business owners have no idea that their roof is leaking until considerable damage has been done. If there are areas where water is invading your interior, we can locate them. We offer a complete repair service that seals your roof off and protects your building from water damage. We can also inspect your attic area for water damage.

​• There are signs you can look for to determine if you have water damage.
• Water stains on your ceiling
• Chipping, bubbling or cracked paint along the walls
• Mold or algae along the ceiling, walls or in the attic area
• Drafts that seem to be coming from odd places along the ceiling
• Wood rot or deterioration