Metal Roofing Product

​Metal roof replacement is a smart choice for both residential and commercial properties. Metal roofing is a sound investment with long term results. Metal roofing systems can last anywhere from 40 years up to the lifetime of the building. In comparison to shingle roof replacement, metal roofing is certainly a more durable option.

​Metal Roofing Product

Metal roofs reflect sunlight to reduce cooling costs in the hot Texas summertime. They insulate your home interior when the temperature drops during the winter months. They provide the ultimate defense during severe weather and stand up to high winds and torrential rains.

​If you are considering a new roofing system, you then go with a Metal Roofing Product. At Longview Tx, Inc. we install all types of metal roofs that are permanent and virtually leak-proof. We implement quality metal roofing to both our residential and commercial customers in the East Texas area. We’re a solid metal roofing contractor with several decades of industry experience in metal roofing systems.

​Benefits of a Metal Roof System

  • ​Durability
    Today’s metal roofing systems are built durable, lightweight, and incredibly long-lasting. A metal roof can last for 40 to 50 years before any real maintenance is required. Metal roofs are available with lifetime warranties. When properly maintained they can last a lifetime.
  • ​Reduced Insurance Rates
    You can experience significant savings on insurance rates when switching to a metal roof system? This is due to their resistance to high winds and fire. When you get a metal roof replacement, you should speak to your homeowner’s insurance provider about the advantages of metal roofing and the possible reductions in your homeowner’s insurance. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Superior Weather Defense
    Metal roofing systems are highly weather resistant. Metal roofs provide a firm shield against severe weather conditions. Living in East Texas with the ongoing threat of hurricanes, metal roofs are designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 200 mph.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Your metal roof will start to pay for itself over its lifetime. Metal roofing systems provide excellent energy efficiency and will reduce your energy bill each month. Metal roofs can save on heating costs in the winter thanks to an added layer of insulation that keeps the heat inside. During the hot Texas summer, it reflects the sun’s rays and keeps your home cooler.

We Install All Types of Metal Roofing Systems:

  • Standing seams – A versatile panels on a commercial metal building or a residential application
  • R-panel – Ideal for retrofitting over existing composition shingles, and it saves time, labor and disposal costs.
  • V-panel – The attachment point is covered by the adjacent panel for a clean looking installation.
  • U-panel – Made of 26-gauge commercial grade steel. This panel can also be directly installed onto an existing shingle
  • CF panel – A concealed lock-joint system that provides a remarkably smooth and clean look for your metal roof.

​A metal roof replacement is a wise investment for any homeowner. It will be the only roofing system your home needs. Trust your reputable East Texas roofing contractor, Longview Tx, Inc. to install and maintain a high-quality metal roofing system today.